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Tour to Jinja

Depart Kampala head to eastern Uganda to jinja passing coffee, tea, sugar plantations and colorful roadside fruits/ vegetable markets. You will have brief stopover at Ssezibwa falls and then proceed to Mabira forest. Here you will trek through the forest and view different flora and fauna and after proceed to the source of the Nile.

Lunch break at the source of the Nile. After lunch, you will explore the source of the Nile, see its beauty while on a boat cruise. After, you will visit the craft shops and buy souvenirs if interested and then after you will depart the source of the Nile and have a brief visit to Bujagali falls where several rapids are situated close together. You will enjoy the quiet water and know the quiet times of the day.

Tour activities include:

  • Visit to the source of the Nile
  • Visit to Bujagali falls
  • Mabira forest
  • Ssezibwa falls
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